In Belgium everyone has the right to access high quality healthcare services along the life course.

The Belgian Government is in the process of designing a new plan for the treatment and long term management of all chronic medical conditions including obesity.

Pacte Adiposité — Adipositas Pact’s initiative is to find out what matters most to people living with obesity when accessing healthcare services in Belgium.

The final outcome will be a Charter for the Rights of People Living with Obesity in Belgium and will be able to contribute to the ongoing government work for access to healthcare delivery services across Belgium.

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Stage 1

We conducted a situational analysis of access to healthcare services for people living with obesity in Belgium. Read our conclusion here


Stage 2

We are working with a citizen-led group of experts from across Belgium to find the questions that matter to us as citizens with obesity


Stage 4

The Citizen’s Charter for the rights of people living with obesity was launched on 4 March (World Obesity Day 2023) in the presence of Federal Minister for Health Franck Vandenbroucke

The Foundation for the Rights of Citizens with Obesity is a non-profit Private Foundation established under Belgian law, led by citizens of lived experience with obesity representing our rights towards access to healthcare. This project has been driven by and for us in collaboration with VUB and KU Leuven as Research Partners. We would also like to acknowledge the financial support and contribution of expertise as part of the multi-stakeholder focus groups from Novo Nordisk Belgium, J&J Belgium and Third-i bvba in the realisation of all elements to this initiative.

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