PA-AP only develops projects that seek to contribute to addressing our three core priority objectives and that are designed to have an impact on citizens and how the related policy, regulatory, scientific and medical communities of Belgium embrace these principles.

They are ambitious and important and are achieved through collaboration with partners that share our strategic vision and promote a multi-stakeholder approach. The Foundation only partners with organisations that demonstrate a clear commitment to addressing the challenge of obesity in Belgium as a chronic relapsing disease and to helping the Foundation achieve its mission.

PA-AP only accepts funding for specific projects and is currently engaged in project partnerships with our Founding Partners listed below. All partnerships are governed by & PA-AP Partnership Guidelines.

PA-AP Priorities

We focus on three main priorities


Recognition in terms of definition and scope of Obesity as a chronic disease as set out by the WHO.


Transformation of the Belgian policy and regulatory framework to ensure that individuals, citizens and patients with obesity can make an informed choice and have affordable access to the treatment needed (mental as well as physical).


Educate policy makers, the media, at national, Community and local levels as well as medical professionals, employers and People with Obesity (PwO) as to the holistic (mental as well as physical) elements of the biological disease and various ways in which it can be managed (from prevention through to self-management) throughout the life cycle.